One Year and 20,000 kilometres of e-Biking – and That is Just the Start

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As the e-Bike Cycke Tourists have discovered over the past 12 months and 20,000kms e-bike cycle touring is an addictive way of life.

One year and 20,000 kilometres of e-biking after setting out from London in mid-April 2015 in an attempt to set a new world long distance e-bike record, the e-Bike Cycle Tourists continue to clock up the kilometres – and major milestones.

Given that the old record of 16,047km has now well and truly been passed, the new goal is …….

Actually, the truth of the matter is that there is no new ultimate kilometre goal.

In fact, with no immediate end in sight to our amazing e-bike adventure aboard our ever-reliable Haibike xDuro RX Trekking e-bikes – and our Gloria city bikes sponsored by Cyprus E-Bikes while we are in Cyprus – who knows what the final kilometre count will be when we eventually call it quits.

As such the immediate plan is to continue to e-bike touring in Cyprus for one more month, then return to England for 5 weeks then cycle through Europe until early September 2016 before returning to home base in Australia where we will cycle until April 2017 before heading off to …….

Actually that is still a secret, but you have to believe us when we say it already has us excited – very excited!

The Final Kilometre Count is Hard to Predict

Suffice to say a final kilometre count is nigh on impossible to predict at this stage. The best we can say is that when we do eventually stop pedalling, the world record we will have set will take someone else an awful lot of e-biking to break!

So what has changed that now makes us want to continue e-biking indefinitely, rather than just for 12 months as was originally planned?

The answer is simple really. Because we are addicted to our nomadic lifestyle, love promoting everything that is great about e-bike cycle touring and commuting … essentially for the life of us we can’t possibly think of a good reason to stop!

When we set out one year ago our basic goals were to set a new world e-bike record and to have as much fun as possible in the process while cycle touring through Europe and the UK.

All our belongings
All of the worldly possessions you need to live a mobile lifestyle on the road – 2 Haibike xDuro RX Trekking e-bikes, 2 Tout Terrain Mule trailers and a few bags of equipment.

What we didn’t envisage – even in our wildest dreams – was the amazing adventure our e-bike trip would turn into, the long list of fascinating and generous people we would meet, the incredible sights we would see on a daily basis and the doors that would open up for us in the e-bike industry.

It is Possible to Live a Simple and Healthy Lifestyle

Basically it has been the discovery that it IS possible to live a simple and healthy lifestyle without many of the so-called necessities of life while travelling the world on an e-bike that has us questioning whether we want to go back to our old same ol’, same ol’ suburban lifestyle.

Without spilling the beans just yet, the fact that we have smashed the world e-bike long distance record – and continue to add to the kilometre total – hasn’t gone unnoticed by many in the e-bike industry.

The E-Bike Cycle Tourists all Packed in front of Castle
E-bike cycle touring is an amazing way to see the world.

As such we have been in ongoing talks with a leading e-bike manufacturer and will be in a position to make an exciting announcement in the near future.

It just goes to show that if you make the effort to get out of your comfort zone, make the right moves along the way and are open to making the most of an opportunity when it comes along, you just never know what exciting things that can happen.

Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “One Year and 20,000 kilometres of e-Biking – and That is Just the Start

  1. Congratulations Guys, looking forward to your continued success, and the ongoing developments with the E Bike. Have a great summer on the saddle.

  2. Congratulations you two !
    You are an inspiration.
    You have certainly started something with this 72 year old who’s now looking forward to ride along with you in the near future!!

    1. Likewise Jacques we are also looking forward to riding along with you through the beautiful Bordeaux region of france … nothing better than some local knowledge. Cycle touring as you are going to discover is VERY addictive.

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