Why Electric Bicycles Will Revolutionise Transport in the Future

Similar in many ways to an avalanche as it gains speed, electric bicycles over the past 10 years have taken the cycling world by storm. Call it a revolution, call it progress, call it what you will, but electric bicycles are the latest and most exciting environmentally-friendly form of personal transport.

During the E-bike Cycle Tourists’ Electric Bike World Long Distance Record Ride the intention has been to provide irrefutable proof as to why electric bikes – and electric vehicles in general – are poised to play an integral role in providing a part of the solution to the world’s transportation needs of the future.

The world’s fossil fuels are, after all, a finite resource that will run out one day, so why not play your part now to help keep them where they are in the ground – and help the world’s environment at the same time – by using an electric bicycle for your transportation needs. Not only will the environment applaud your decision, but so will your wallet and health!

Electric bikes are the future of personal transportation.

One of the aims of the record attempt is to show that as a result of recent advances in technology, the modern day electric bike is now a reliable form of transport that is poised to radically change transportation as we know it today.

Following recent improvements in battery technology, electric motors, hub motors and lighter bicycle designs, it is no longer a question of whether electric bikes will be accepted by the public, but just how big the industry will become.

Throw in the obvious benefits to the environment from hundreds of thousands of people using electric bicycles – or should that read millions when you take into account the 28 million e-bikes sold in China annually – and it soon becomes clear what the motor vehicle industry doesn’t want to hear – e-bikes and electric vehicles in general are the way of the future.

Join the e-bike revolution, get fit and have fun at the same time.
 The Electric Bike Boom

From Europe to the USA, Australia, China and beyond the electric bike phenomenon is taking off at a great rate … and rightly so.  After all they have everything going for them … they are cheap to operate, are non-polluting, are affordable and most importantly are a lot of fun to ride – why wouldn’t sales be booming? In fact, given the boom the electric bike industry is experiencing, sales worldwide are conservatively tipped to reach $US11billion by 2020.

But while all the talk about the environment and improved technology may win over a percentage of new e-bike devotees, by far the biggest reason most people buy them –in western countries at least – is that they are not only practical, but a hell of a lot of fun!

With an electric motor to help iron out the hills and negate headwinds, biking for many people suddenly becomes doable. For a host of reasons – laziness included – most of these people wouldn’t ride a bike nearly as much if they didn’t have an electric motor to assist them.

And that is the bottom line for the E-bike Cycle Tourists’ Electric Bike World Long Distance Record Ride. To motivate people of all ages – even those who currently think that riding a bicycle is impractical or impossible because of hills, distance, fitness levels, health reasons, knee problems, ageing or even because of the inconvenience of having to shower and change clothes at work following the morning commute – to get out of their car or off their motorbike and onto an electric bike.

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