Who are the E-Bike Cycle Tourists?

We are Gary and Rachel Corbett, two ordinary Australians who refuse to live an ordinary life and who want to see as much of the world as possible from our favourite form of transport – an e-bike.

With our three children now grown adults, in early 2013 we decided it was time to break free from the shackles of suburbia, mortgages and regular jobs for a more mobile lifestyle. So what did we do? We sold our house, put all of our earthly belongings in a shipping container on a friend’s farm and hit the road. After initially living in Colombia in South America for five months, we had a go at being professional house sitters following our return to Australia and then spent one year in Bangkok in Thailand where Rachel taught at an international primary school.

But while all of the above was a refreshing change from our old suburban lives, it was our amazing e-bike adventure – that saw us set a new world electric bike long distance record of 27,800kms throughout mainland Europe and the UK – that was by far our most exciting achievement.

Our Backgrounds

Gary, 62, is an award-winning Australian journalist who since retiring from a career spanning 30-plus years working as a newspaper journo, now concentrates on writing about all aspects of the e-bike industry. Since returning to Australia at the conclusion of the E-Bike Cycle Tourists epic 27,800km e-bike adventure in late 2016, both Gary and Rachel signed on as Brand Ambassadors for Australian-based manufacturers AVE E-Bikes. As an AVE Brand Ambassadors Gary will be writing, riding and generally promoting AVE E-Bikes throughout Australia and beyond.

gary cycling photo
Gary Corbett – The e-Bike Cycle Tourist

Rachel, 59, Gary’s wife and cycling buddy, is as equally passionate as her husband about e-bike cycle touring, although by her own admission is “just a recreational cyclist”.

Rachel riding pic
Rachel – all smiles after conquering another hill.

A primary school teacher and the IT expert of the family, Rachel, despite initially being apprehensive about the physical challenges that a long distance e-bike journey would present, was delighted to have lasted the distance to set a new world long distance world e-bike record of 27,800kms.

As an AVE E-Bike Ambassador Rachel is looking forward to using her experience as a school teacher to spread the word far and wide about AVE E-Bikes in particular and e-bikes in general.

After all, as she knows only too well, e-bikes are an amazing form of transport that anyone of any age can ride – no matter whether it is to the local shops or on a marathon 27,800km long distance adventure.







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