WELCOME to the E-Bike Cycle Tourists’ Electric Bike World Long Distance Record Ride website.

Now that you are here buckle yourself in and stay on board as we continue our world e-bike long distance adventure. You can follow our ongoing progress through our regular blogs, on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter as we continue to clock up the kilometres after finally setting a new world long distance e-bike record of more than 16,047km in Portugal on January 20, 2016.

The ongoing E-Bike Cycle Tourists’ e-bike long distance record ride, which makes use of the EuroVelo European cycle route network and other suitable cycling infrastructure throughout the UK and Europe, was conceived with one overriding objective: to show conclusively that electric bicycles are the future of personal transportation and are a reliable and low energy form of transport that can be used by people of all ages.

The ride started in London on April 23, 2015 and is ongoing, with a finish date yet to be set.

The E-Bike Cycle Tourists all Packed in front of Castle
Gary and Rachel Corbett – the e-Bike Cycle Tourists

With EuroVelo boasting cycle tracks stretching from Norway in the north, Russia in the east, Portugal in the west and Malta in the south, the possibilities for different routes for the record-setting ride have been almost endless.

The former e-bike long distance record which Gary and Rachel set out to better of 16,047 kilometres (9971 miles) was set by German adventurer Maximilian Semsch who circumnavigated Australia in 2012.

Meanwhile, the official Guinness World Record of 7,151 km (4,443.4 miles) is held by American Troy Rank. Unfortunately due to difficulties associated with gaining official Guinness recognition there will now be two e-bike long distance records – the Guinness record held by Troy Rank and the e-Bike Cycle Tourists’ much, much longer record. read explanation blog here

Over the past few years other long e-bike distance record attempts have been made, however no documented proof of distances covered were ever kept, or at least made public.

It is also worth noting that most people who have attempted to set world long distance electric bike records in the past have been in their 20s and 30s and have received assistance from outside support crews. On their current ride the husband and wife team of journalist Gary Corbett, 61, and his school teacher wife Rachel, 57, are travelling fully self-contained and without outside assistance.

Given their age on the wrong side of their mid-50s, Gary and Rachel hope that by successfully setting a new world record they will have clearly shown that riding an electric bicycle – even on a long distance world record ride – is not only feasible for two ageing Baby Boomers, but for anyone of any age and fitness level.

After nine months of e-biking throughout the UK and Europe the e-Bike Cycle Tourists finally set a new world e-bike long distance record in Portugal on January 20, 2016.

While the record-breaking ride has been far from a walk in the park, given the distances cycled, the wide range of climatic conditions encountered and the daily necessity to find places to camp, charge their bikes’ batteries and the other 1001 things that have to be dealt with logistically on a self-contained fully loaded and extended cycle tour, Gary and Rachel are delighted to have overcome the odds to achieve their goal.

“Our aim from day one has been to clearly demonstrate why electric bicycles and electric vehicles in general are the best form of transport – in terms of health, cost and their minimal impact on the environment,” Gary said.

“By successfully completing the ride – which is still far from over – we believe we have shown in a very tangible way that electric bicycles are a reliable and practical form of transport in addition to providing all the advantages of a regular bicycle: fun, exercise, freedom from traffic jams and, as a bonus, never having to worry about finding a parking spot.

“People of all ages – even those who currently think that riding a bicycle is impractical or impossible because of hills, distance, fitness levels, health reasons, knee problems, ageing or even because of the inconvenience of having to shower and change clothes at work following the morning commute – will now hopefully be able to see that riding an electric bicycle is not only possible, but the best thing they can do for their health and lifestyle.”

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