The E-Bike Cycle Tourists and AVE E-Bikes – a Perfect Partnership

With a new world e-bike long distance record of 27,800kms firmly in our keeping – for the time being at least – the E-Bike Cycle Tourists have turned their attention to their next exciting challenge.

As Brand Ambassadors for AVE E-Bikes, the first ‘Made in Australia’ e-bike to be launched onto the world market, we will be busy promoting, riding and blogging about the brand at every opportunity.

As they say, it is a tough gig, but someone has to do it.

With the wide experience we gained from 16 months of full-time self-contained e-bike cycle touring throughout mainland Europe and the UK, our intention is to promote everything that is great about owning and riding an e-bike – and in particular the AVE range of e-bikes.

The hope, given our ages – Gary is 62 and Rachel 59 – combined with the many, many long hours of e-bike pedaling experience we have under our belts, is that people will see that owning and riding an AVE e-bike is a possibility for anyone of any age or fitness level.

All it takes is a get-out-there-and-do-it attitude and a willingness to embrace everything that is great about e-bike cycling and you too can become a fully-fledged e-bike convert.

Over coming months the E-Bike Cycle Tourists will be conducting short e-bike tours ranging from two or so days up to a week at a time at different locations around Australia to help showcase the AVE range of e-bikes.

Also, from time to time, we will be organising AVE E-Bike ‘Come and Try’ days at various locations where e-bike enthusiasts can talk to us about everything e-bike and to personally test ride an AVE E-Bike.

So keep an eye out for our adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You won’t be able to miss us, we will be the ones riding the AVE Adventure SH 11 crossbar and TH 11 step through models custom painted – as you can also do with your new AVE E-Bike – in brilliant red and yellow.

The Core Attributes Engineered Into Every AVE E-bike


It starts with a frame engineered around the e-bike drive system. Motor placement within the frame provides a strong foundation for the entire bike, isolating you from rough surfaces and vibration. Wider rims and e-bike specific balloon tyres (50mm to 60mm) widths) across the range, place more air between you and the road.

Ride and Handling

Feel at home from the first pedal stroke.

That’s the acid test for all of our e-bikes. Sure, we invest thousands of man hours in testing and development, with careful consideration of frame geometries, head angles, bottom bracket heights, and RC lengths. But you’re probably not interested in these important but “boring” facts and figures. What you are interested in is how your e-bike rides and feels. Does it inspire confidence? Can you feel the level of engineering through the seat of your pants? From the way a bike climbs, to the way it handles steep descents. If your mind is only focused on the road ahead, and the bike becomes part of your subconscious, then we know we’ve achieved our goal.

Durability and Performance

As a mode of transport e-bikes can’t afford the luxury of being highly strung race machines. Given that many of our customers want to circumnavigate the globe with their annual kilometres, or rely on their e-bike as their only form of transport, durability and performance are paramount. With high torque, hill climbing performance provided by BOSCH and Panasonic drive systems, combined with carefully selected components from market leaders in the e-bike industry, every AVE E-bike is engineered to give you peace of mind when it comes durability and performance.

The Bosch Performance Line CX Motor and 500wh PowerPack battery – the Heart and Soul of all AVE E-Bikes

  • We Broke the E-Bike Long Distance Cycle Touring World Record
    We broke the E-Bike Long Distance Cycle Touring World Record on January 20, 2016 before eventually going on to e-bike 27,800kms.


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