EuroVelo – Wherever possible the The E-Bike Cycle Tourists’ assault on the world long distance electric bicycle record has been on the EuroVelo cycle track network.EuroVelo Cycle Network graphic

Thanks to EuroVelo, cycling across Europe is now not only possible, but is a safe, attractive, fun and comfortable biking experience.

In total the cycle network goes through 43 countries in Europe and Scandinavia and beyond – including Russia – and many, many cities, towns and villages along the way. In its entirety it stretches from Norway in the north, Russia in the east, Portugal in the west and Malta in the south.

When fully completed in 2020 it is envisaged the network will boast 70,000-plus km of purpose-built tracks that are fully signposted.

At the present time there are 14 transcontinental routes, going from the Atlantic to the Black Sea and the Arctic to the Mediterranean, with all 14 routes offering something new. No matter whether it is cycling beside the romantic Rhine as it sweeps through Germany; crossing stunning Alpine passes and tunnels; or riding all the way to the land of the northern lights, there are endless attractions on the EuroVelo network that are all easily accessible by bike.

The eventual aim of the European Cyclists’ Federation’s (ECF) is to connect the entire European continent for the benefit of cyclists – both cycle tourists as well as local people making daily journeys.

The 14 EuroVelo routes are each arranged according to a theme and are given an odd or even route number depending on their direction – they are:

       North – South Routes
  1. Alantic Coast Route – North Cape to Sagres – 8168km
  2. Pilgrims’ Route – Trondheim to Santiago de Compostela – 5122km
  3. Via Romea Francigena Route – London to Rome, Birindisi – 3900km
  4. Sun Route – North Cape to Malta – 7409km
  5. Baltic Adriatic Route – Gdansk to Pula – 1930km
  6. East Europe Route – North Cape to Athens – 5984km
  7. Iron Curtain Trail – Barents Sea to Black Sea – 10,400km
  8. Rhine Route – Andermatt to Hoek van Holland – 1320km
West – East Routes
  1. Capitals Route – Galway to Moscow – 5500km
  2. Central Europe Route – Roscoff to Kiev – 4000km
  3. Atlantic to Black Sea Route – Nantes to Constanta – 4448km
  4. Mediterranean Route – Cadiz to Athens and Cyprus – 5888km


  1. Baltic Sea Cycle Route – 7980km
  2. North Sea Cycle Route – 5932km

Total: More than 70,000km

It is important to note that as well as utilising the EuroVelo network, the E-Bike Cycle Tourists have also been making use of other tourist trails and roads where and when necessary. Far from being a race or an attempt to ride extreme distances every day, the aim of the ride – in addition to claiming the coveted world long distance electric bike record – has been to have “fun”. To this end Gary and Rachel have visited as many scenic and historic destinations as possible while cycling through the UK and mainland Europe.

Euro Velo pic Iron Curtain route
The EuroVelo cycle network consists of 14 long distance cycling routes throughout Europe, the UK and Scandinavia.


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